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Face Masks Optional

From the 1st June 2023, the reception team will no longer ask patients to wear a face covering.  Instead patients and visitors may wear one if it makes them feel more comfortable.  Masks will be provided free-of-charge on entrance to the ground floor reception room.


Please note that our Covid19 precautions still require all persons that enter the dental practice to wash their hands.  Refusal to do so can result in your registration being reviewed and even suspended.


We still ask that persons suspected or known to have Covid19 NOT to enter the building and to ring the reception team on 01449 771 700 for instructions.

NHS Fees

The government increased the NHS band fees by 8.5% from Monday 24th April 2023.


The NHS band 1, 2 and 3 fees were last changed in December 2020.

Please see further information including exemptions from charges in the Fees section.

Happy New Year

After a short Christmas break the dental practice re-opened Tuesday 3rd January 2023.  Not everyone had a rest as several of our staff were ill with flu or Covid.  Please can we remind all our patients to take advantage of the NHS vaccinations to keep both you and us safe from flu and Covid, continue to wear a mask and wash your hands whenever possible.

New telephone system

On the 28/10/2022, the PSTN telephone 01449 771 700 line was migrated to a digital system able to cope with multiple calls simultaneously.  The telephone service provider remains as BT.  So far the new telephone system is working well.

Private Fees 2023

17/05/2023 : Clarified the child private hygienist appointment fee.


Our electricity and gas prices significantly increased in January 2023 (and will again later in 2023); we are trying our best to reduce our consumption or explore alternative energy sources available to Listed Buildings.  Staff costs have and continue to increase, similarly have dental materials, equipment maintenance, and disposal service costs.  Dental laboratory costs increased either in January or on the 1st April 2023.  Should customers wish to consider spreading the price of their treatments - please let the reception team know when you visit the reception desk or use the webform survey With sufficient interest we may introduce a payment plan at a later date.  Private prices changed on 1/4/2023.


The 1st April 2023 fees are unchanged for 30 minute routine and 40 minute direct- access (new) private hygiene services.


Previously.  From 1/9/22 we had to make a small increase to some private denture fees to account for unexpected laboratory charges and the higher cost of gold.  To compensate, we now include the cost of all small (intraoral) X-rays with dentist examinations.  We have added some new treatments.  We clarified the appointment deposit, online booking fee, and penalty charges on our printed fee list.


In 1/4/2022, the private dental prices changed.  All private hygiene treatments now include Airflow.  Proving successful with patients, the cost of up to two intraoral Xrays in the routine dental examination fee remains.  We continue to offer discounts for children under 18 years when accompanied by a fee paying adult. Then in July 2022 we included provision for online booking (£1.50 non-refundable booking fee) and we extended the new dentist exam to 30mins and, like routine examinations, included in the cost up to two intraoral (small) X-rays.


Staff News

New dentist wanted.  See Jobs.  If is not for you but know of someone, please pass on the information.


March 2023 we said goodbye to dental therapist, Amy Greatwood.  Previous Patient Feedback demonstrated our patients' fondness for Amy and her treatments; we wish her and our apprentice nurse Lolli all the best for their futures.


Foundation Dentists only spend a one-year placement with the dental practice. Sometimes they remain longer, as an Associate Dentist.

Online booking

In July 2022, we added online booking of appointments.  This should help those persons who find using the telephone difficult. On the 11/7/2022 we started with private hygienist services for both new and existing patients.  And in 2023, we have added private dentist services: implant consultation and emergency appointments.


Appointments can still be made by calling the reception team on 01449 771700, but in addition, including out-of-hours, the online appointment booking facility will operate.


Patients will be offered an electronic appointment link to select the most appropriate time and date.  Confirmation of the booking should be given through a SMS or email message. Several private services will require an initial financial payment that includes a £1.50 booking fee that is not refundable.


As always we ask that any cancellations be made immediately by telephoning the reception.  Cancellations less than 24 working hours prior to the appointment will incure a cancellation fee.


Our buidling got a 'new' Welsh slate roof in 2021. Let's hope the roof lasts another 200 years.  Well done to Loomes Roofing Contractors Ltd.


During 2022, we painted treatment rooms and the patient loo.  And subject to Listed Building regulations we hope to revamp the rear car park's garage in 2023.

Patient Feedback & Waiting Lists

We always try to listen to our customers.  If you would like to provide additional written feedback please consider filling in our online patient questionnaire, or ask a staff member during your visit for a paper Patient Questionnaire form, or if you wish review us on Google.


We were aware that our reception telephones could be engaged at times.  Our new phones from October 2022 have been a huge success.


For those of you wishing to become our patients, we briefly opened our NHS and private waiting lists in the Summer of 2021 but soon after so much interest they had to be closed.  Currently we are accepting new patients to see our private hygienist. Anyone wishing to join please check our new patient list pages before you call the reception team, or try the NHS Dental Search tool.

Privacy Notice update

The UK Data Protection Act 2018 requires companies to explain personal data rights by publishing a Privacy Notice.  WHDP's privacy notice was updated 14/5/2021 to reflect a technical issue it has with the deletion of 'aged' data that is no longer required to be held.  As soon as the issue has been resolved the aged data will be re-reviewed and securely deleted.  The PN also explains that information on debtors will be retained for a legitimate.  On 11/7/2022, the inclusion of online booking and online payments was added too.  Then updated again 27/10/2022 for the new reception telephone system.

Car Park CCTV

We at Wedgwood House Dental Practice enjoy working in our Grade II listed building and I hope you, our customers, enjoy visiting too.  In order to keep everyone safe, we have installed CCTV in the rear car park area as described in our GDPR privacy notice.


Sorry we have no responsibility for our neighbours.  We appologise for any inconvenience the deposited food waste and litter may have caused you during 2020-2021.

Covid19 Vaccine

From January 2021, the government began to distribute the Covid19 vaccines to its citizens across the UK.  All our staff have taken both vaccinates and booster.


We at the dental practice look forward to a relaxation of the pandemic restrictions and to welcome our patients with smiling faces not disguised with protective masks.  However, until further notice on entry to the building, everyone must wash their hands and unless medically except wear a face mask (reception have spares if you forget one).


We encourage everyone to take government advise and accept the vaccine when offered it.


For details on the vaccine see here. 

Previous Staff News



November 2022 we welcomed our apprentice nurse Louise (Lolli) and receptionist Camilla.  December 2022, our new cleaner, Sophie M.


August/September 2022 we welcomed our 2022/23 Foundation dentists Daisy and Rajdeep, and our apprentice dental nurse Molly.


Good luck to Fauzia and Shaun in their next dental jobs, who left us at the end of Aug 2022.

  • Dr Fauzia Farrukh B.D.S., M.F.D.S., L.D.S. (Foundation Dentist) [GDC No. 267420]
  • Dr Shaun McMahon B.D.S. (Foundation Dentist) [GDC No. 296529]


Daisy and Rajdeep became our latest Foundation Dentists in September 2022 (Fauzia and Shaun left at the end of August).

Other joiners:  Kayhan (9/9/22 only), Kerrie, Lisa, Molly, Milena, Ryan and Zoe, Camilla and Sophie M.

Gemma became a trainee dental nurse (was receptionist).

Other leavers Kerrie, Ryan and Zoe.



Fauzia and Shaun became our latest Foundation Dentists in September 2021 (Joe Moore left at the end of August).   August saw the arrival of Amy our Dental Therapist and Becky our apprentice dental nurse. 


We said goodbye to our associate dentist Dr Anitha Baskaran on the 21st May 2021 and wished her and family luck.


Jessica (Jess) joined the dental practice as our new Apprentice nurse in December 2020, but sadly have to leave due to person reasons a year later.  Her position hopefully will be filled soon.


Anna Geaney joined in December 2020 as a part-time receptionist.  From February 2021 took on additional hours, provide digital marketing consultancy and perform the Data Protection Officer (DPO) role.


Both our 2019-20 foundation dentists, Anitha and Samsam, completed their work placements.  Anitha become an associate dentist in September 2020, and Joesph (Joe) joined us August 2020 to be our new foundation dentist.  We wish them well.


Eariler in 2020, the Covid19 disruptions saw two of our dental associates leave us.  We wish Elizabeth (Lizzy) and Richard best of luck with their futures.


And from summer 2019:


Welcome to our two new Foundation Dentists, Samsam (Sam) and Anitha, and our new apprentice dental nurse Ebony. 


Well done to Sophie and Corrina on obtaining their dental nursing qualification.


Welcome to our new dental hygienist, Gil Le Grys, June 2019.  Gil brings to us her experience of London's Harley Street and we hope she will be a hit with all our patients.

After the initial Covid lock down

<October 2020> It's a quarter of a year since we re-opened our doors to see patients.  The World still suffers from Covid19.  The UK has begun just begund a "second wave" of infections.


Hopefully our patients have received the dental care they need.  I offer a big thank you to all staff at Wedgwood House for their hard work.  The reception team who spend hours each day repeating "the Covid19 questions" that keep everyone safe.  The medical staff who wear hot, difficult to breath-through protective equipment.  And the support staff keeping our business going.


As we go forward I'd like to remind all patients who can.  Please provide us with your up to date contact details including mobile and email address.  The English Chief Dental Officer reminds us to embrace technology to allow us to better serve patients with online booking, etc.


Please send us any suggestions improvement and well-done stories.


Kind regards, WHDP


<June 2020> We re-opened the dental practice on the 17th June 2020.  Please can everyone keep safe by following the new operating procedures.  More information on the new Patient Journey can be found in our letterwhich will be discussed with you on making an appointment and emailed to you. Be aware that at present we have limited appointments, but hope to increase as the National Covid-19 situation eases.


Since the 1st of April 2020 Dr JM Geaney and her colleagues attended the practice each day to provide advice, analgesia or antimicrobials where appropriate in line with NHS prescribing guidelines (AAA), but remained closed due to Covid-19. We hope that you remained safe and well.


The statement given out by the government that dentists in England will re-open on the 8th June 2020 misled the public: we could only re-open with  adequate safety measures and PPE in place.  Today there is still a national shortage of PPE meaning that some staff will be prevented from performing certain treatments. Please be patient with our reception staff who have lots of Covid-19 related questions to ask.  



Privacy Notice update

The UK Data Protection Law requires us to publish changes to the way we protect and secure your personal data.  The Privacy Notice records this change.  To enhance the way we mitigate the risk of crypto ransomware, we use secure cloud storage for daily back-up of digital personal data.  This technical change was agreed by our Data Protection Officer.

Children's Oral Health

NHS Advice about Children's Oral Health is added to our website, including what to do should a child's tooth be knocked out.  For information see here, or discuss with your dentist at their next appointment.  21/02/2020.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please see the information from NHS coronavirus (COVID-19).  See a summary here and the NHS website for up to date information


We offer EMS AIRFLOW® hygiene treatments for the maintenance of your smile.  Recommended for patients with dental implants, braces and veneers, or who just want the gentle effects of water and EMS powders to scale and polish their teeth.

Private Fee Rise 2020

The private fees were updated on the 1st January 2020, to reflect both the world increase in precious metal (e.g. gold) costs and associated laboratory price rises and staff wages since October 2018.  Recent change includes the impact of the UK Government's decision to increase the National minimum and living wage by over 6% in April 2020, and of course the Covid-19 situation.


Our private prices are very competitve.  To improve affordability to families we discount child examination prices by 50% to those under 18 years old (and children under 5 years free) when they accompany a private fee paying adult.



  • The fee price guide was edited on 14/2/2020 (version 11alt) to better describe the Airflow treatments.  There is no change to price.
  • The cost of soft and hard bite raising appliances was changed, £90 and £270, respectively to reflect the cost of laboratory fees.  4/3/2020 (version 12).
  • Minimal wage and Covid-19 change, 15/6/2020 (version 13).

Government leaves NHS prices stationary 2020

On the 1st April 2020, the NHS treatment prices for non-exempt patients remained the same as 2019 but may increase in September 2020.

New Data Protection Law

The European Union's General Protection Redulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018.  In the UK, the uplifted Data Protection Act gained Royal Ascent on 23 May 2018 (DPA2018).  The DPA2018 specifies the applicable parts of the GDPR and extensions to the GDPR.

Wedgwood House Dental Practice is committed to complying with the GDPR and DPA2018. How we comply is described in the Privacy Notice.

Failure to attend

Since the introduction of our new computer system with its appointment reminder facility, we see less patients failing to turn up for their dentist and hygienist appointments.  Thank you.


We remind all patients, especially those making family appointments, whenever possible to provide (or reconfirm) mobile and email contact details to the reception team.


Should you be unwell or be able to attend your appointment, please contact the reception team ASAP. Doing so may allow your appointment slot to be given to another patient.


Failure to attend (*) may result in you being de-registered from our dental practice and you being charged for the missed private appointment. 


* Children who are not brought to their dental appointment by their parent or guardiance.  Note the NICE guidance in section 1.3 of Public Health England Safeguarding in general practice - A toolkit for dental teams.


Environmental Protection


To save the planet, we use digital documentation and digital X-rays instead of paper and harmful chemicals, respectively.  From 2018 we use electronic SMS texts and emails to advise you of your dental appointment, and we hope to add additional digital services where feasible.  Please provide your mobile telephone number and email contact details to the reception team on arrival at the practice.


We will do our best to support those patients that do not have or wish not to use mobile or email communications.


Please arrive a little earlier for your dental appointment, if possible, to sign updated consent forms.


Previous Announcements


John Geaney again supported the Christmas 2019 'North Pole Express' festivities at the Mid Suffolk Light Railway (


A hearing loop system installed to assist our customers with hearing difficulties, 6/10/17.  Thank you to nurse Nadia for helping select, train and install the device.


On the 2/5/2017 we were inspected by the CQC.  All 5 areas of competence were met (safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led).  We're so proud of our staff and their dedication to delivering quality dental services.  We're so grateful to all our customers' feedback that demonstrated 'a very positive view of the practice and the staff who worked [here]'.


Independent dental hygiene appointments normally require a financial deposit.  Should you fail to attend, or cancel within 24 working hours of the appointment, the full cost of the treatment will be charged.


Dr J. M. Geaney

Wedgwood House Dental Practice

Bury Street 100, Stowmarket, IP14 1HF

Our new website tells you all about our services. If you want to get in touch with us, phone us on +44 (0)1449 771 700 to make or update an appointment.

In this practice we take complaints very seriously and try to ensure that all our patients are pleased with their experience of our service.  Should you have a complaint, then please FIRST write to Dr J M Geaney the practice Proprietor.

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